Check out this awesome video by Mark Twang featuring the Nervous Fellas with Billy Rogers performing a rockabilly cover of BOBBY LOLLAR’s Bad Bad Boy during a live gig at the Cruel Elephant in Vancouver, Canada. Despite the not-so-great sound, the video showcases Ronnie Hayward’s amazing slap bass solo and stage presence. Billy “Rockabilly” Rogers, the drummer at the time, was known as one of the best rockabilly drummers ever, having played with iconic bands like The Ramones and Johnny Thunders. The Nervous Fellas, composed of Mark Twang, Ronnie Hayward, Butch Murphy, and Billy Rogers, had been playing together for five years. This video is a dedication to Billy Rogers’ memory, and stay tuned for more songs and videos featuring him!

Once again, sit back, relax, and enjoy this incredible performance by the Nervous Fellas with Billy Rogers. Don’t forget to check out more Rockabilly music on the website mentioned and show your support for this talented group of musicians. Tweet and share this video to spread the word about their fantastic sound. Let’s keep the legacy of Billy Rogers alive and rocking!

Vancouver, Canada’s Rockabilly Madmen playing an obscure rockabilly cover of BOBBY LOLLAR’s Bad Bad Boy at a live gig at the Cruel Elephant in Vancouver B.C. Canada.

Although the sound is not great the footage of Ronnie Hayward is, as Ronnie is in great form with an awesome slap bass solo and stage presence.

Billy “Rockabilly” Rogers was on drums by this time with the Nervous Fellas in 1991 and was one of the best rockabilly drummer I ever played with and, for that matter, one of the best drummers ever.

Billy Rogers was from Queens, New York and grew up playing snare in a marching band. While still living in New York, he played places like CBGB. He recorded and played in those years with The Ramones and Johnny Thunders (New York Dolls) in The Heartbreakers as well as in some rockabilly bands.

Years later Billy played on Dee Dee’s solo album.

Mark Twang and Butch Murphy by this time had been playing together with in the Nervous Fellas for about 5 long years.

Mark Twang (don’t Call me Johnson) on Geetar, Ronnie Hayward on Doghouse Bass, Butch Murphy on Vocals and the one and only Billy Rogers on Drums.

Billy Rogers was born in Feb 1957 and passed in Aug, 2001. This video (more songs and vid’s to come with Billy) is dedicated to his memory.

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About Billy Rogers

Early Life and Influences

Billy Rogers, born in Queens, New York in February 1957, was a celebrated rockabilly drummer known for his exceptional talent and contribution to the music industry. Growing up, he found his passion for music through playing the snare in a marching band. This early experience shaped his rhythmic abilities and laid the foundation for his future success.

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Career Highlights

Throughout his career, Billy Rogers made a significant impact on the rockabilly scene. He had the privilege of recording and performing with legendary bands such as The Ramones and Johnny Thunders in The Heartbreakers, as well as various rockabilly groups. His drumming skills were widely recognized, establishing him as one of the best drummers in the genre. Billy’s musical journey was marked with numerous milestones and achievements, earning him a lasting legacy.

Legacy and Passing

Tragically, Billy Rogers’ life was cut short in August 2001. However, his legacy continues to live on, inspiring and influencing countless musicians in the rockabilly community. His exceptional talent and captivating performances remain firmly etched in the hearts of fans everywhere, ensuring that his contributions to the genre will never be forgotten.

The Nervous Fellas

Formation of the Band

The Nervous Fellas emerged onto the rockabilly scene with a unique sound that captivated audiences. Formed in Vancouver, Canada, the band found its roots in the early 1980s. Several talented musicians joined forces to create a band that would make a lasting impact on the genre.

Members and Roles

The Nervous Fellas consisted of Mark Twang on guitar, Ronnie Hayward on bass, Butch Murphy on vocals, and, of course, the iconic Billy Rogers on drums. Each member brought their own distinctive style and expertise to the group, contributing to the band’s exceptional sound.

Sound and Style

The Nervous Fellas’ sound was characterized by its high-energy performances and a fusion of rockabilly, punk, and blues influences. Billy Rogers’ dynamic drumming skills provided the rhythmic backbone for the band, allowing them to create a distinct and exhilarating musical experience for their audience.

Live Performance at the Cruel Elephant

Venue and Setting

The Cruel Elephant, located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, served as the backdrop for one of The Nervous Fellas’ memorable live performances. This venue, known for its vibrant music scene, provided the perfect setting for the band to showcase their immense talent and stage presence.

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Obscure Rockabilly Cover

During this particular gig, The Nervous Fellas took the audience by storm with their rendition of BOBBY LOLLAR’s “Bad Bad Boy.” This obscure rockabilly cover demonstrated the band’s ability to breathe new life into lesser-known songs, showcasing their musical versatility.

Ronnie Hayward’s Solo

Ronnie Hayward, the band’s bassist, delivered a mesmerizing slap bass solo during the performance. His incredible stage presence and impressive technical skills left a lasting impression on the audience, further enhancing the band’s electrifying performance.

Billy Rogers’ Drumming Skills

Billy Rogers’ drumming skills were on full display during The Nervous Fellas’ live performance. His precise and energetic drumming added a powerful element to the band’s sound, solidifying his status as a true rockabilly drumming virtuoso.

Billy Rogers’ Background

Queens, New York Roots

Born and raised in the vibrant borough of Queens, New York, Billy Rogers’ music career began to take shape in this influential urban setting. The city’s rich musical heritage and vibrant music scene played an integral role in shaping his musical style and inspired him to pursue his passion for drumming.

Marching Band Experience

Billy’s early years playing the snare in a marching band undoubtedly contributed to his impeccable rhythm and precision as a drummer. The discipline and technical skills he acquired during these formative years laid the foundation for his remarkable talent and his ability to deliver powerful and dynamic performances.

Collaborations with The Ramones and Johnny Thunders

Living in New York provided Billy Rogers with opportunities to collaborate with iconic bands and musicians. He had the privilege of recording and performing with influential rock bands such as The Ramones and Johnny Thunders in The Heartbreakers. These collaborations further showcased his versatility and cemented his status as a respected figure in the music industry.

Welcome to CBGB

New York’s Iconic Music Venue

CBGB, located in New York City, was a legendary music venue that played a significant role in shaping the punk and rock scenes. It became a hub for groundbreaking musicians, fostering creativity and innovation within the industry.

Billy Rogers’ Performances at CBGB

During his time in New York, Billy Rogers had the opportunity to perform at CBGB, solidifying his position in the city’s vibrant music scene. His electrifying performances undoubtedly left a lasting impact on both the venue and the audience, further establishing his reputation as an exceptional drummer.

Influence on the Rockabilly Scene

Billy Rogers’ performances at CBGB undoubtedly contributed to his influence on the rockabilly scene. His unique blend of rockabilly, punk, and blues elements created a fresh and exciting sound that resonated with fans and musicians alike, leaving an indelible mark on the genre.

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Dee Dee’s Solo Album

Collaboration with Dee Dee Ramone

Billy Rogers had the privilege of collaborating with Dee Dee Ramone on his solo album, a testament to his talent and reputation within the music industry. This collaboration allowed him to further explore his musical capabilities and contribute to the creation of a remarkable album.

Impact on Billy Rogers’ Career

Working with Dee Dee Ramone undoubtedly had a profound impact on Billy Rogers’ career. It provided him with new experiences and opportunities, allowing him to grow both as a musician and as an artist in his own right.

Musical Contributions to the Album

Billy Rogers’ drumming skills made a significant contribution to Dee Dee Ramone’s solo album. His rhythmic precision and technical prowess added depth and dynamism to the album’s sound, elevating the overall musical experience for listeners.

The Nervous Fellas’ Journey

Formation of the Band

The Nervous Fellas’ journey began when a group of talented musicians came together to create a band that would make a lasting impact on the rockabilly scene. Their shared passion for the genre and their collective musical prowess laid the foundation for their future success.

Longevity and Dedication

The Nervous Fellas’ longevity and dedication to their craft set them apart from their peers. With a strong commitment to their music and a shared vision, they continued to create exceptional music and captivate audiences for many years.

Butch Murphy’s Role as Vocalist

Butch Murphy’s unique vocal style and stage presence added a distinct element to The Nervous Fellas’ sound. His powerful and emotive delivery brought their songs to life, further enhancing the band’s impact on the rockabilly scene.

Mark Twang and Butch Murphy

Musical Partnership

Mark Twang and Butch Murphy’s musical partnership within The Nervous Fellas was a significant factor in the band’s success. Their collaboration and shared musical vision allowed them to create a distinctive sound and contribute to the band’s evolution.

Contributions to the Nervous Fellas’ Sound

Mark Twang’s guitar playing and Butch Murphy’s vocals played an essential role in shaping The Nervous Fellas’ sound. Together, they created a harmonious blend of rockabilly, punk, and blues influences that defined the band’s unique musical identity.

Relationship with Billy Rogers

Billy Rogers’ drumming skills provided the rhythmic foundation for Mark Twang and Butch Murphy’s musical contributions. His exceptional talent and ability to adapt to different musical styles allowed him to seamlessly complement the duo’s performances, consolidating their musical partnership and the band’s overall sound.

Remembering Billy Rogers

Video Tribute to His Memory

To commemorate Billy Rogers’ talent and contributions to the rockabilly community, a video tribute was created. This heartfelt tribute captured his exceptional drumming skills and served as a reminder of the lasting impact he had on the genre.

Impact on the Rockabilly Community

Billy Rogers’ influence on the rockabilly community cannot be overstated. His exceptional talent and unparalleled drumming skills inspired countless musicians and enthusiasts, leaving an indelible mark on the genre’s legacy.

More Songs and Videos to Come

Although Billy Rogers may no longer be with us, his music lives on. Fans can look forward to future releases of his songs and videos, ensuring that his incredible talent and contributions to the rockabilly community continue to be celebrated for years to come.


Legacy of Billy Rogers

Billy Rogers’ legacy as a talented rockabilly drummer remains intact, even years after his passing. His precise and energetic drumming style continues to inspire and influence musicians around the world, leaving an enduring impact on the genre’s history.

Enduring Influence of the Nervous Fellas

The Nervous Fellas’ unique sound, propelled by Billy Rogers’ exceptional drumming, continues to resonate with rockabilly fans and musicians. Their contribution to the genre’s evolution and their unwavering dedication to their craft solidified their place in rockabilly history.

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