Guitar Lessons / Reviews

Truefire Black Friday Blitz

Unleash your guitar potential with the TrueFire Black Friday Blitz, opening up a world of expert tuition with massive discounts across 1,000+ courses and jams.

Greg Koch Gristleman Guitar Review

Hone your guitar skills with the comprehensive Gristleman Guitar Course by Greg Koch. Enjoy high-definition video lessons, accessible across multiple platforms.

Jamplay Review

Discover the ultimate online guitar lesson platform with Jamplay. From beginner to advanced, enhance your skills and achieve your musical goals. Unlock your inner rockstar today!

JD Simo Psych Blues Review

Get ready to unlock the secrets of psych blues with the JD Simo Psych Blues Review from TrueFire! In this comprehensive guitar lesson series, JD Simo will be your guide…

Kirk Fletchers TrueHeart Blues: Rhythm Review

Learn blues rhythm guitar from the renowned guitarist Kirk Fletcher with TrueFire's exceptional course. Suitable for all levels, this comprehensive lesson series covers chord progressions, rhythm patterns, and strumming techniques.…

Corey Congilio’s Solo Factory: Texas Blues Review

Enhance your blues playing with Corey Congilio's Solo Factory: Texas Blues Review. Master the techniques and concepts of Texas blues guitar with high-quality video lessons and interactive tools. Start your…