Your anticipation builds like a crescendo as your fingers itch, ready to delve into the TrueFire Black Friday Blitz. The spotlight shines on all guitar enthusiasts and six-string virtuosos, with the stage being set ablaze with an avalanche of unbeatable deals. The melody of savings is sure to strike a chord, as All Access offers up a generous 60% off discount, opening up a world of expert tuition for both seasoned players and guitar novices alike. Your cadence quickens as All Access PLUS dramatically drops by a staggering 70%, setting the stage for an encore of even more massive discounts. Your tempo quickens as you discover Top Picks, downloadable products, and over 1,000 courses and jams, all at a fraction of their original price. Your heart pounds to the rhythm of this symphony of savings as you are offered a chance to customize your own bundle of courses and jams. The TrueFire Black Friday Blitz truly sets the stage for an unforgettable performance of bargains, ensuring every guitar player is a star.

Get your own Truefire Black Friday Blitz today.

Truefire Black Friday Blitz

Set your fingertips on fire— with the highly anticipated TrueFire Black Friday Blitz! This isn’t just a sale, it’s a citywide jam-packed celebration where every guitar player takes the main stage. Fall in love with our array of unbeatable deals that will light up your guitar journey like never before.

About the Sale

Guitar aficionados and passionate novices, take note— your biggest event of the year has finally arrived. TrueFire’s Black Friday Blitz is an orchestra of mind-blowing deals that you simply can’t miss. Enjoy a stellar 60-70% off on our All Access features and let the Masters teach you the magic of the strings. Select from our well-curated Top Picks and immerse yourself in a world of guitar greatness with our selection of over 500 downloadable products, each a steal at only $5. And for the overachievers among you, we present 1,000+ courses and jams at a meager $10.

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Build a Bundle, Save Extra!

Let’s add an exciting twist to your buying spree this year. Play Maestro, curate your own bundle of 5 or more $10 courses and jams, and catch an extra 10% off on your well-earned haul. Carpe Diem, bundle 10 or more $10 courses and jams, and take home an additional 20% discount. This is the moment to hone your talents, discover uncharted genres, and own your guitar journey— all whilst saving a bundle!

All Access Sales

All Access isn’t just a feature, it’s your backstage pass to a world-class guitar adventure. With this year’s 60-70% off, grab this golden chance to sit under the learning tree of guitar maestros and become a master of your craft.

Most Popular Apps

Need your fix on-the-go? Our portable learning solutions are just what you need. Dive headfirst into our hosted selection of most popular applications, ready to be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Truefire Black Friday Blitz

Check out the Truefire Black Friday Blitz here.

Live Events

Performance is the soul of learning guitar. TrueFire’s live events are tailored to give your guitar skills exposure and add real-life practice to your learning routine.

Learning Paths

Every musician has a unique journey. At TrueFire, we respect your individuality and have tailored numerous learning paths to guide you on your personal road to guitar mastery.


Connect with the best minds in the world of guitars, our esteemed educators. Gain from their vast knowledge, in-depth insight, and precious experience.


Join our buzzing community of guitar lovers and engage in intriguing discussions, enlightening articles, and gripping tales from the world of six strings at our Blog.

Truefire Black Friday Blitz

Community Tools

Need assistance or seeking some creative inspiration? TrueFire’s community tools are your ultimate companions, helping you carve your unique story and unmask the hidden maestro within.

Free Downloads

Who says the best things in life aren’t free? Explore our free downloads and grab exciting resources that will kickstart or amplify your journey to guitar greatness.

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Guitar Chord Charts

Struggling with complex chord sequences? TrueFire’s guitar chord charts are ready to be your savior. Master complex chords and make your musical journey smooth sailing.

Guitar Tuner

Every string has a story. Our Guitar tuner ensures you’re always tuned in to these stories. It’s time for pitch-perfect performances!



Tempo matters. Hone your timing and rhythm skills with TrueFire’s Metronome – your rhythm guru.

Guitar Chord Finder

Lost amidst a jungle of chords? Our Guitar Chord Finder will be your trusted guide, enriching your performances with diverse and stunning chords.

Practice Guide

TrueFire’s Practice Guide is your key to developing good habits, refining your technique, and nurturing your musical instincts. Practice makes perfect, and we ensure your practice is just that.

Jam Tracks

Looking for inspiration or a platform for your dazzling solos? Our professional-grade Jam Tracks will give you a real-life taste of performing with a band.

Truefire Black Friday Blitz

Guitar Scales

Play the fretboard like a master. Understand and practice with our Guitar Scales guide to add finesse and depth to your performances.


Get to know us better. Learn about TrueFire’s mission, our guiding principles, and our commitment to empowering students worldwide.


Led by a passion for music? Join hands with us as an affiliate and become part of our mission to spread the joy of learning guitar.


Stronger together. Forge rewarding partnerships with TrueFire and establish a mutually beneficial relationship to promote music and education.

Truefire Black Friday Blitz

Press Team

Get all the latest snippets from TrueFire—a brand that is making strides in the world of music education.

TrueFire Studios

Take a peek behind the scenes. Explore TrueFire Studios, our creative hub where magic meets music.


Collaborate with ArtistWorks, a platform that brings together artists worldwide to create, inspire, and learn.


Let’s dive deeper. From Gift Certificates to Merchandise DVD Assets, we have loads more to offer.

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Gift Certificates

Spread the joy of learning with our gift certificates—an ideal present for the musicians in your life.

Refer a Friend

Share the love. Refer a friend to TrueFire and open their world to the magic of music.

Merch DVD Assets

Bring home a piece of TrueFire. Explore our range of merchandise and feel closer to us.

Audio Lessons

Tune into our audio lessons and discover a new, fun way to learn, anytime, anywhere.

Guitar Gift Guide

Choosing a gift for a guitar player? Check out our Guitar Gift Guide so you can deliver the perfect surprise.


Share your knowledge. Join TrueFire as an educator and inspire budding musicians worldwide.

Truefire Black Friday Blitz

Truefire Black Friday Blitz

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