This website, Mark Twang Live, located at https://marktwanglive.com, is dedicated to showcasing the talent and history of musician, guitarist, and songwriter Mark Twang. Through this platform, Mark Twang aims to provide visitors with access to pictures, press releases, videos, and audio content that offer insights into his musical journey, primarily focused on rockabilly, blues, and roots music.

History and Bands

Mark Twang’s involvement in the music scene spans several decades, particularly in the early 1980s and beyond, in Vancouver, Canada. The website features a comprehensive account of his experiences with various bands, most notably The Nervous Fellas, in collaboration with Ronnie Haward and Butch Murphy. Additionally, Mark Twang presents his perspective on other noteworthy bands, including The Bopsters (featuring Rich Hagensen), Trouble Bound (featuring Britt Hagerty), Low Rides (featuring Howard Rix), Harp Dog Brown & The Bloodhounds (featuring Pete Turland), and numerous other local bands and musicians.

Contact Information

For any inquiries or further information, you may reach Mark Twang via email at [email protected].

Please note that while this website serves as a platform for sharing Mark Twang’s personal experiences and the music he has been involved in, it is not affiliated with any particular music label, band, or official representation. The content on Mark Twang Live is solely intended to provide entertainment and historical value to visitors interested in the rockabilly, blues, and roots music genres.

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