Hey there! Get ready to rock with “The Nervous Fellas Tribute To Gene Vincent | Baby Blue”! In this video, you’ll witness an incredible tribute performance by The Nervous Fellas, a talented rockabilly band. Led by Mark Twang on guitar and vocals, Pete Turland on doghouse bass and vocals, John Deacon on drums, and Shaun “Butch” Murphy on lead vocals, this energetic group brings the classic rockabilly sound to life.

The Nervous Fellas Tribute To Gene Vincent | Baby Blue

Recorded back in 1990 in Vancouver, Canada, this performance is a must-watch for any fan of rockabilly and Gene Vincent’s music. The Nervous Fellas pay homage to the legendary Gene Vincent and his hit song “Baby Blue.” So grab your dancing shoes, turn up the volume, and prepare to be amazed by the infectious energy and authentic sound of The Nervous Fellas. Don’t miss out on this captivating tribute that will transport you back to the golden age of rockabilly. Remember to subscribe to the channel and stay tuned for more fantastic videos.

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From The Nervous Fellas “Born To Be Wild” Volume Two

Mark Twang – Guitar -BG Vocals

Pete Turland – Doghouse Bass -BG Vocals

John Deacon – Drums

Shaun “Butch” Murphy – Vocals -BG Vocals

Recorded in 1990 In Vancouver, Canada


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Band Members

The Nervous Fellas, a rockabilly band hailing from Vancouver, Canada, paid tribute to the legendary Gene Vincent with their rendition of “Baby Blue”. The band showcased their talent and passion for rockabilly music through this tribute, ensuring that Vincent’s legacy lives on. The Nervous Fellas consisted of Mark Twang on guitar and background vocals, Pete Turland on doghouse bass and background vocals, John Deacon on drums, and Shaun “Butch” Murphy on vocals and background vocals. Each member played a significant role in capturing the essence of Gene Vincent’s style and delivering an authentic tribute to the rockabilly icon.

Recording Details

The tribute to Gene Vincent, “Baby Blue”, was recorded in 1990 in Vancouver, Canada. The Nervous Fellas put their heart and soul into the recording, aiming to create a rendition that would do justice to Vincent’s legacy. The recording process allowed them to showcase their individual expertise and blend their talents seamlessly to create a cohesive sound that pays homage to the original track while adding their unique touch.

Genre: Rockabilly

Rockabilly, a genre that emerged in the 1950s, combines elements of rock ‘n’ roll and country music, characterized by its lively rhythms and rebellious spirit. The Nervous Fellas excelled in this genre, drawing inspiration from pioneers like Gene Vincent. In their tribute to Vincent, the band stayed true to the rockabilly sound, infusing it with their own energy and style. By embracing the essence of rockabilly music, The Nervous Fellas were able to captivate listeners and evoke a sense of nostalgia for the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll.

Video By Mark Twang

The video for The Nervous Fellas’ tribute to Gene Vincent, “Baby Blue”, was directed and produced by the talented Mark Twang. Twang’s vision and creativity brought the tribute to life, capturing the energy and passion of the band’s performance. Through his expert camera work and editing, Twang was able to showcase the individual talents of each band member while maintaining a sense of unity. The video served as a visual representation of the band’s dedication to paying homage to Gene Vincent and capturing the essence of rockabilly music.

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Theme: Tribute to Gene Vincent

The theme of The Nervous Fellas’ tribute was to honor and commemorate the impact of Gene Vincent on the rockabilly genre. Vincent was renowned for his energetic performances and pioneering sound, which significantly influenced the development of rock ‘n’ roll. The Nervous Fellas wanted to ensure that Vincent’s contributions were not forgotten, and thus, they meticulously crafted a tribute that would capture his spirit and showcase their appreciation for his music. The theme of the tribute permeated every aspect, from the song choice to the performance and visual representation, allowing fans to reminisce about the glory days of rockabilly.

Album: Born To Be Wild – Volume Two

The tribute to Gene Vincent, “Baby Blue”, was featured on The Nervous Fellas’ album titled “Born To Be Wild – Volume Two”. This compilation album served as a platform for the band to showcase their musical prowess while paying homage to influential artists in the rockabilly genre. The Nervous Fellas carefully curated their selection of songs, ensuring that each track represented the essence of rockabilly and embodied the spirit of the artists they were honoring. “Born To Be Wild – Volume Two” became a testament to the band’s commitment to preserving the roots of rockabilly music and celebrating its impact on popular culture.

Location: Vancouver, Canada

The Nervous Fellas recorded their tribute to Gene Vincent, “Baby Blue”, in Vancouver, Canada. The vibrant music scene and rich cultural history of Vancouver provided an ideal backdrop for the band to express themselves and connect with their audience. The city’s energy and support for rockabilly music also contributed to the band’s growth and success, allowing them to immerse themselves in the genre and create an authentic tribute to Gene Vincent. Vancouver played a significant role in shaping the band’s identity and providing them with opportunities to share their music with a passionate audience.

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Year: 1990

The Nervous Fellas’ tribute to Gene Vincent, “Baby Blue”, was recorded in 1990. This was a pivotal year for the band as they sought to establish themselves in the rockabilly scene and contribute to the genre’s resurgence. The tribute served as a testament to their dedication and respect for the rockabilly pioneers who came before them. By releasing their tribute in 1990, The Nervous Fellas paid homage to the continued relevance and timelessness of Vincent’s music, ensuring that his influence would reach new generations of rockabilly enthusiasts.

Band Members’ Roles

Each member of The Nervous Fellas played a crucial role in bringing the tribute to Gene Vincent, “Baby Blue”, to life. Mark Twang’s guitar skills and background vocals added depth and authenticity to the rendition, capturing the essence of Vincent’s sound. Pete Turland’s expertise on the doghouse bass provided a solid foundation for the band’s energetic performance, while his background vocals harmonized seamlessly with the lead vocals. John Deacon’s drumming provided the driving force behind the tribute, delivering the rhythm and energy that defined rockabilly music. Shaun “Butch” Murphy’s powerful vocals and background vocals captured the spirit of Gene Vincent, paying homage to his distinctive style. As a team, The Nervous Fellas showcased their individual talents and passion for rockabilly, culminating in a tribute that exuded authenticity and reverence.


The Nervous Fellas’ tribute to Gene Vincent, “Baby Blue”, is a remarkable testament to the enduring legacy of rockabilly music. Through the band’s dedication, talent, and passion, they were able to capture the essence of Gene Vincent’s style and deliver a heartfelt homage to his contributions to the genre. The tribute serves as a reminder of Vincent’s impact on rock ‘n’ roll and the continued relevance of his music. The Nervous Fellas’ rendition showcases their own musical prowess and commitment to preserving the roots of rockabilly, ensuring that future generations will continue to appreciate the golden age of this beloved genre.

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