Let’s take a trip back in time to 1978, where Mark Twang created a charming short film as a tribute to the talented Billy Lee Riley and his band, known as His Little Green Men. This animated masterpiece highlights the raw energy and infectious rhythm of Rockabilly music, with the iconic Jerry Lee Lewis accompanying on piano at the legendary Sun Studios. With the title “Billy Lee Riley Flying Saucers Rock And Roll,” this captivating video showcases the genius of these musical pioneers and their contribution to the genre.

In this mesmerizing short film, Mark Twang skillfully weaves together animation and classic footage to create a nostalgic experience for fans of Rockabilly. With a backdrop of the 1950s music scene, the video captures the essence of Billy Lee Riley and His Little Green Men’s infectious performance. Transport yourself back to the vibrant era of Rock and Roll as you immerse yourself in this unique tribute to the pioneers of the genre.

Billy Lee Riley

Billy Lee Riley was a renowned American singer, guitarist, and songwriter, best known for his contributions to the rockabilly music genre. Born on October 5, 1933, in Pocahontas, Arkansas, Riley developed a passion for music at a young age. He was heavily influenced by the sounds of rhythm and blues, as well as the emerging rock ‘n’ roll movement. Throughout his career, Riley created a unique sound that blended elements of country, blues, and rock, earning him recognition as a pioneer in the genre.

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Short film by Mark Twang – Tribute to Billy Lee Riley and His Little Green Men and Rockabilly Music

Jerry Lee Lewis on Piano in Sun Studios

Made this little Animation back in 1978

Flying Saucers Rock And Roll

One of Billy Lee Riley’s most notable songs is “Flying Saucers Rock And Roll.” Released in 1957, this upbeat and energetic track captured the attention of audiences with its catchy melody and playful lyrics. Packed with driving guitar riffs and Riley’s dynamic vocals, “Flying Saucers Rock And Roll” became an instant hit among rockabilly enthusiasts. The song’s sci-fi theme and tongue-in-cheek lyrics added to its appeal, making it a beloved classic in Riley’s repertoire.

Video By Mark Twang

To pay homage to the timeless appeal of “Flying Saucers Rock And Roll,” a video was created by Mark Twang. This video served as a visual companion to the song, enabling viewers to experience the infectious energy of Riley’s performance. Through carefully curated imagery and dynamic editing, Twang’s video captured the essence of the song, transporting viewers back to the golden era of rock ‘n’ roll.

Short film by Mark Twang – Tribute to Billy Lee Riley and His Little Green Men and Rockabilly Music

In addition to the video for “Flying Saucers Rock And Roll,” Mark Twang also created a short film paying tribute to Billy Lee Riley and his band, the Little Green Men. This film showcased the band’s musical prowess and highlighted their contributions to the rockabilly music scene. With interviews, archival footage, and live performances, Twang’s short film served as a comprehensive exploration of Riley’s career and the impact he had on the genre.

Jerry Lee Lewis on Piano in Sun Studios

Throughout his career, Billy Lee Riley collaborated with various talented individuals who helped shape the sound of his music. One notable collaborator was Jerry Lee Lewis, a fellow rock and roll pioneer. Together, they created magic in the legendary Sun Studios, with Lewis providing his signature piano skills to complement Riley’s electric performances. Their partnership resulted in a collection of unforgettable recordings, showcasing the raw energy and musicianship that defined the rockabilly sound.

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Animation Created in 1978

In 1978, an animation was created to celebrate Billy Lee Riley’s enduring contribution to rockabilly music. This animation, reminiscent of the artistic style of the time, captured the spirit and vibrancy of Riley’s performances. Through whimsical drawings and synchronized movements, the animation breathed life into Riley’s iconic songs, serving as a visual representation of his music for new generations to appreciate.

The Early Years of Billy Lee Riley

Billy Lee Riley’s passion for music began to take shape in his early years. Growing up in rural Arkansas, he was exposed to various musical genres, including country, blues, and gospel. Riley honed his skills as a guitarist and vocalist, performing in local venues and absorbing the rich musical heritage of his surroundings. His talent and dedication caught the attention of Sam Phillips, the founder of Sun Records, who would play a crucial role in launching Riley’s career.


Billy Lee Riley’s contributions to rockabilly music and the larger music industry as a whole are undeniable. With his distinctive sound and energetic performances, he managed to capture the hearts of audiences worldwide. From his iconic hit “Flying Saucers Rock And Roll” to his collaborations with Jerry Lee Lewis and the creation of an animated tribute, Riley’s legacy continues to inspire and entertain. His music serves as a reminder of the power of rock and roll and the incredible impact one artist can have on a genre.

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