So, let’s talk about an epic night of rockabilly music that was captured on video. It’s called “Nervous Fellas 🔥Featuring Tom LaVelle Rockin’ Piano🔥,” and it was filmed by a guy named Mark Twang. The video, which showcases the Nervous Fellas, a popular rockabilly band, was recorded at the Railway Club in Vancouver, Canada back in July 1990. Despite the audio quality not being the best due to the use of a handheld camera, the video truly captures the raw energy and excitement of the band’s live performance that night. With some fantastic visuals, it provides a glimpse into what it was like to experience the Nervous Fellas in their element, playing at a small club in their hometown. If you’re a fan of rockabilly and love live music, this video is definitely worth checking out. Just do a quick search for “Nervous Fellas 🔥Featuring Tom LaVelle Rockin’ Piano🔥” on your favorite video platform, and you’ll be in for a treat. Embrace the rockabilly goodness!

Nervous Fellas 🔥Featuring Tom LaVelle Rockin’ Piano🔥

👉 From The Archives of Mark Twang; The Rockabilly Band the Nervous Fellas playing one night of 3 sold out shows at Vancouver Canada’s the Railway Club in July, 1990.


Performing Live featuring Tom LaVelle on piano.

A hand held video camera therefore the audio’s not great but it captures the night as it was, live and raw with mistakes :)!

However, it is what it is with some great visuals and represents

The Nervous Fellas live in a small club in their hometown Vancouver.

In late 1989 into 1990 the Nervous Fellas:

Pete Turland – Psychobilly Slap Bass

Mark Twang – Geetar

John Decan – Skins

Crazy Tom Lavelle – Piano

Butch Murphy – Vocals

More info About Tom La Velle at:

• Nervous Fellas 🔥Featuring Tom La Vell…


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Experience the Rockin’ Piano of Tom La Velle with the Nervous Fellas

About the Video

The video captures one unforgettable night of the Nervous Fellas, a rockabilly band, performing at Vancouver Canada’s the Railway Club in July 1990. Shot with a hand-held camera, the video may not have the best audio quality, but it authentically portrays the rawness and energy of the band’s live performance. With captivating visuals and the talented Tom La Velle on piano, this video is a must-watch for any fan of rockabilly music.

Band Members

The Nervous Fellas were comprised of Pete Turland on psychobilly slap bass, Mark Twang on guitar, John Decan on drums, Crazy Tom La Velle on piano, and Butch Murphy as the vocalist. Together, they created a powerful and dynamic sound that drew audiences in and left them wanting more.

Tom LaVelle


Tom La Velle, the talented pianist of the Nervous Fellas, had a rich background in music. His love for the piano started at a young age, and he quickly became known for his technical skills and improvisation abilities. La Velle’s passion for rock and roll, blues, and boogie-woogie made him a perfect fit for the Nervous Fellas and contributed to their distinctive sound.

Influence on the Band

Tom La Velle’s piano skills played a crucial role in shaping the music of the Nervous Fellas. With his energetic playing style and knack for improvisation, La Velle brought a unique element to the band’s performances. His ability to seamlessly blend rock and roll with blues and boogie-woogie added depth and richness to the band’s sound, making them stand out among their peers.

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The Venue

The Railway Club in Vancouver, Canada, provided the perfect setting for the Nervous Fellas’ live performance. Known for its intimate atmosphere and vibrant music scene, the club was a favorite among local musicians and music enthusiasts alike. The small venue allowed for a close connection between the band and the audience, creating an electric and unforgettable concert experience.

Performance Highlights

During their sold-out shows at the Railway Club in July 1990, the Nervous Fellas delivered one captivating performance after another. The band’s chemistry and tight musicality were evident, as they effortlessly moved through their setlist, leaving the audience in awe. Each member showcased their exceptional talent, with Tom La Velle’s piano solos stealing the show and receiving thunderous applause.

Atmosphere and Audience

The atmosphere at the Railway Club that night was charged with excitement and anticipation. The intimate venue created an intimate and interactive experience, where the audience could feel the energy of the band up close. Rockabilly enthusiasts and music lovers alike filled the club, ready to dance, sing along, and be transported by the Nervous Fellas’ electrifying performance.

Audio Quality

While the video may not have the best audio quality due to the use of a hand-held camera, it still manages to capture the essence of the Nervous Fellas’ live performance. The raw and unfiltered sound adds to the authenticity of the experience, making the viewer feel like they are right there in the club, soaking in every note.

Visuals and Cinematography

Mark Twang’s video captures the night as it was, with some great visuals that perfectly complement the music. Despite the limitations of a hand-held camera, Twang manages to capture the energy and spirit of the band’s performance. The shots offer glimpses of the band members in action, showcasing their passion and talent, while also giving a sense of the enthusiastic crowd that surrounded them.

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The video featuring Tom La Velle and the Nervous Fellas is a true gem for fans of rockabilly music. While the audio quality may not be pristine, the video captures the raw and unapologetic energy of the band’s live performance, allowing viewers to experience the magic of that night at the Railway Club. Tom La Velle’s talented piano playing, along with the exceptional musicianship of the band, creates an unforgettable concert experience that will leave you yearning for more. So, grab a seat, turn up the volume, and get ready to be transported back to that incredible night with the Nervous Fellas.

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