Are you ready to rock? Get ready to be transported back in time to the world of rockabilly with “Hold Me Hug Me Rock Me,” performed by The Nervous Fellas, a talented Rockabilly Band hailing from Vancouver, Canada. In this lively video by Mark Twang, the band pays tribute to the legendary Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps, channeling their energy and bringing the classic rockabilly sound to life. The Nervous Fellas, comprising Mark Twang on guitar and background vocals, Pete Turland on doghouse bass and background vocals, John Deacon on drums, and Shaun “Butch” Murphy on vocals and background vocals, recorded this captivating rendition in 1990 in Vancouver, Canada.

The Nervous Fellas Tribute to Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps with Hold Me Hug Me Rock Me.

With their infectious energy and authentic rockabilly style, The Nervous Fellas will have you tapping your feet and longing for the good old days of rock and roll. So, come along for the ride and experience the magic of “Hold Me Hug Me Rock Me” with The Nervous Fellas. Subscribe to their channel and immerse yourself in the world of rockabilly with this talented band.

The Nervous Fellas a Rockabilly Band based out or Vancouver, Canada.

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From The Nervous Fellas “Born To Be Wild” Volume Two

Mark Twang – Guitar -BG Vocals

Pete Turland – Doghouse Bass -BG Vocals

John Deacon – Drums

Shaun “Butch” Murphy – Vocals -BG Vocals

Recorded in 1990 In Vancouver, Canada

• The Nervous Fellas Tribute To Gene Vi…

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Introduction to The Nervous Fellas

The Nervous Fellas, a rockabilly band based in Vancouver, Canada, is known for their energetic and authentic take on the genre. Combining the raw sound of 1950s rock ‘n’ roll with a modern twist, they have captivated audiences with their high-energy performances and dedication to the art of rockabilly.

Tribute to Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps

Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps were a significant influence on the Nervous Fellas’ music. Known for their hit song “Be-Bop-A-Lula,” Gene Vincent and his band were at the forefront of the rockabilly movement in the 1950s. The Nervous Fellas chose to pay tribute to Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps as a way of honoring the roots of rockabilly and showcasing their love for the genre.

In their tribute, the Nervous Fellas carefully selected a collection of songs that best captured the spirit and energy of Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps. Each song was performed with passion and authenticity, allowing the band to pay homage to their musical heroes while still adding their own unique flair.

Members of The Nervous Fellas

The Nervous Fellas are comprised of four talented musicians who each bring their own individual style to the band. Mark Twang, the guitarist and backing vocalist, is known for his nimble fingers and ability to recreate the signature guitar solos of rockabilly legends. Pete Turland, on the doghouse bass and backing vocals, provides a solid rhythm foundation for the band’s sound. John Deacon, the drummer, keeps the beat steady and ensures the band stays in perfect sync. Lastly, Shaun “Butch” Murphy takes on the role of lead vocalist and adds his dynamic stage presence to the mix.

Recording Details

The Nervous Fellas’ tribute to Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps was recorded in 1990 in Vancouver, Canada. The album, titled “Born To Be Wild” Volume Two, showcases the band’s talent and their ability to capture the essence of rockabilly. With a talented production team behind them, the Nervous Fellas brought their vision to life, creating a recording that pays homage to their musical influences while still having a modern sound.

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Some key tracks from the recording include “Hold Me Hug Me Rock Me,” which captures the spirit of rockabilly with its infectious energy and catchy lyrics. Other standout tracks include “Be-Bop-A-Lula” and “Race with the Devil,” which showcase the band’s ability to reinterpret classic rockabilly songs in their own unique style.

The Nervous Fellas’ Rockabilly Style

Rockabilly is a genre of music that emerged in the 1950s and combines elements of rock ‘n’ roll, rhythm and blues, and country music. The Nervous Fellas’ rockabilly style is characterized by its high-energy performances, twanging guitar riffs, and catchy melodies. Influenced by rockabilly pioneers such as Gene Vincent, they have developed a sound that pays homage to the roots of the genre while still adding their own modern spin.

With their distinctive style and energetic stage presence, the Nervous Fellas have gained a dedicated following within the rockabilly community. Their music is often described as a breath of fresh air in a genre that is steeped in tradition, with their unique blend of rock ‘n’ roll and country capturing the hearts of fans around the world.

The Influence of Gene Vincent

Gene Vincent’s impact on rockabilly cannot be overstated. As one of the pioneers of the genre, his unique sound and rebellious stage presence inspired countless musicians and helped shape the rock ‘n’ roll landscape. The Nervous Fellas have incorporated Gene Vincent’s influence into their music, paying tribute to his legacy while still infusing their own style into every performance.

The legacy of Gene Vincent continues to inspire musicians today, and the Nervous Fellas are proud to carry on the tradition of rockabilly that he helped create. By paying tribute to Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps, they ensure that his contributions to music will never be forgotten.

The Band’s Accomplishments

The Nervous Fellas have achieved numerous accomplishments throughout their career. They have performed at notable venues and festivals around the world, sharing the stage with renowned rockabilly acts and earning a reputation as one of the premier bands in the genre. Their album releases have garnered critical acclaim and have solidified their place in the rockabilly scene.

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In addition to their performances and releases, the Nervous Fellas have been recognized for their contributions to the rockabilly genre. They have received awards and accolades for their talent and dedication, further establishing themselves as influential figures within the rockabilly community.

The Rockabilly Music Scene in Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada, has a vibrant and thriving music scene, and rockabilly music has found a home within the city. The Nervous Fellas are just one of many rockabilly bands in Vancouver, each bringing their own unique sound and style to the genre.

The rockabilly community in Vancouver is tight-knit and supportive, with bands often collaborating and sharing the stage at local venues and events. The Nervous Fellas have played an active role in cultivating this community, organizing events and connecting with other musicians who share their passion for rockabilly.

Social Media Presence

The Nervous Fellas have a strong social media presence, utilizing platforms such as Twitter and YouTube to connect with their fans. By sharing behind-the-scenes photos, videos of performances, and updates on upcoming shows and releases, they have created a sense of community and engagement with their audience.

Fans can follow the Nervous Fellas on social media to stay up to date with their latest news and releases, as well as interact with other fans who share their love for rockabilly music.


The Nervous Fellas’ tribute to Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps is a testament to their love and dedication to the rockabilly genre. By capturing the spirit of rockabilly in their performances and recordings, they have solidified their place as one of the leading rockabilly bands in Vancouver and beyond.

With their unique style and energetic performances, the Nervous Fellas have made a significant impact on the rockabilly scene. Through their music, they continue to honor the legacy of Gene Vincent and inspire a new generation of rockabilly fans. As they continue on their musical journey, the Nervous Fellas look forward to sharing their passion and love for rockabilly with fans around the world.

By Mark Twang

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