Introducing the “I’m A King Bee Nervous Fellas Blues Band”! Get ready to be blown away by this Canadian Rockabilly group as they take you on a journey through the blues. In this video, shot by none other than Mark Twang, The Nervous Fellas showcase their talent during their first road tour in 1988, in the vibrant blues city of Hamilton, Ontario. Behind their rendition of the Slim Harpo’s hit “I’m A King Bee” lies the influence of Muddy Waters and the production of Johnny Winters. Joining forces with The Fabulous Al Black on drums, Ronnie Hayward on Doghouse Bass, Shaun Butch Murphy on vocals, and Mark Twang on geetar, The Nervous Fellas deliver a blues experience unlike any other. Don’t miss this captivating performance that will leave you wanting more.

Get ready to tap your feet and immerse yourself in the soulful melodies and raw energy of The Nervous Fellas as they bring the blues to life in the iconic city of Hamilton. With their exceptional musical talent and a nod to the legendary Slim Harpo, this band pays homage to their predecessors while adding their own unique twist. Join the rockabilly revolution and experience the power of The Nervous Fellas firsthand. Stay tuned for the next installment of their electrifying journey into the heart of the blues.

About The Nervous Fellas

The Nervous Fellas is a Canadian Rockabilly band that was formed in 1986. They quickly gained popularity in the underground music scene and became known for their energetic live performances and authentic sound. The band has a unique style that combines elements of blues, rock, and country, creating a truly original sound that has captivated audiences for decades.

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The Canadian Rockabilly band The Nervous Fellas playing some blues on their first road tour in 1988 In Twangs hometown one of the best blues cities in Canada: Hamilton “The Hammer” in the province of Ontario.

I’m A King Bee is a Slim Harpo song on Excello Records. The Fellas version was inspired by Muddy Waters from the Johnny Winters produced Blue Sky Records he put out and played on in the 70’s. Thanks Johnny.

The Nervous Fellas at that time:

The Fabulous Al Black on Skins

Ronnie Hayward on Doghouse Bass

Shaun Butch Murphy on Vocals

Mark Twang on Geetar

Special thanks to Doug “Cool Fool” Carter AKA Brother Twang for shooting the whole night for us.

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Band History

The Nervous Fellas was formed by a group of talented musicians who shared a love for rockabilly music. They started playing local shows and gained a small but dedicated following. As their reputation grew, they began touring across Canada, showcasing their music to larger audiences. The band’s high-energy performances and dynamic stage presence led to them becoming a staple in the Canadian music scene.


The Nervous Fellas were comprised of four talented musicians who each brought their own unique style and skill to the band.

The Fabulous Al Black on Skins

Al Black was the band’s drummer and provided the driving rhythm that gave their music its infectious energy. With his impressive drumming skills and impeccable timing, Al was the backbone of the band’s sound.

Ronnie Hayward on Doghouse Bass

Ronnie Hayward played the upright bass, also known as the doghouse bass. His deep and resonant basslines formed the foundation of the band’s music, adding a rich and dynamic element to their sound.

Shaun Butch Murphy on Vocals

Shaun Butch Murphy was the lead vocalist of The Nervous Fellas. With his powerful and soulful voice, he brought emotion and intensity to each performance. Shaun’s ability to connect with the audience and deliver heartfelt lyrics made him a standout frontman.

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Mark Twang on Geetar

Mark Twang was the band’s guitarist and brought his signature rockabilly style to the group. With his lightning-fast fingers and impressive technical skills, Mark added intricate and catchy melodies to the band’s songs.

The Road Tour in Hamilton, Ontario

The Nervous Fellas embarked on their first road tour in 1988, with Hamilton, Ontario being one of their destinations. Hamilton, also known as “The Hammer,” is widely regarded as one of the best blues cities in Canada. The band was excited to play in a city with such a vibrant blues scene, and they were eager to bring their unique brand of rockabilly to the Hamilton audience.

Inspiration from Muddy Waters

During their road tour in Hamilton, The Nervous Fellas found inspiration from the legendary blues musician, Muddy Waters. Muddy Waters had a significant influence on the band and their music. His soulful sound and innovative guitar playing struck a chord with the band members, and they aimed to capture that same energy and emotion in their own performances.

Thanking Johnny Winters

The Nervous Fellas’ version of “I’m A King Bee” was inspired by Muddy Waters from the Johnny Winters produced Blue Sky Records. Johnny Winters’ contributions to the music industry, both as a producer and musician, left a lasting impact on the band. The band would like to express their gratitude to Johnny Winters for his influence and for producing the records that inspired their own rendition of “I’m A King Bee.”

I’m A King Bee: A Slim Harpo Song

“I’m A King Bee” is a song originally performed by Slim Harpo and released on Excello Records. The Nervous Fellas chose to cover this song because they were drawn to its infectious groove and bluesy feel. They felt that it perfectly captured the essence of their rockabilly sound and allowed them to showcase their musical talents.

Origin of the Song

Slim Harpo’s version of “I’m A King Bee” was released in the 1960s and became a hit in the blues community. The song is characterized by its catchy guitar riff and Slim Harpo’s smooth vocals. It is considered a classic in the blues genre and has been covered by various artists over the years.

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Fellas Version

The Nervous Fellas put their own unique spin on “I’m A King Bee” by infusing it with their signature rockabilly sound. They added their distinctive guitar solos, lively drumming, and energetic basslines, giving the song a fresh and modern feel while still paying homage to the original. The Fellas’ version of “I’m A King Bee” became a fan favorite and a staple in their live performances.

More Info about The Nervous Fellas

The Nervous Fellas offer more than just their music. They provide a platform for fans to enjoy free rockabilly music through their website and various online platforms. Their dedication to their craft and their love for music is evident in every note they play.

Free Rockabilly Music

The Nervous Fellas believe that music should be accessible to everyone, which is why they offer free rockabilly music on their website. Fans can download their songs and albums, allowing them to experience the band’s unique sound without any barriers.

Wild Wild Baby

One of The Nervous Fellas’ popular songs is “Wild Wild Baby.” This lively and upbeat track perfectly showcases the band’s energetic style and catchy melodies. Fans are instantly drawn to the vibrant rhythm and infectious lyrics, making “Wild Wild Bab” a fan favorite at their live shows.

Social Media Presence

The Nervous Fellas understand the importance of connecting with their fans on a personal level. They maintain a strong social media presence, engaging with their audience and keeping them updated on upcoming shows, new releases, and behind-the-scenes content. Fans can follow the band on various social media platforms to stay connected and be a part of The Nervous Fellas’ journey.

In conclusion, The Nervous Fellas are a Canadian Rockabilly band that has left an indelible mark on the music industry. With their unique blend of blues, rock, and country, they have captured the hearts of fans across Canada and beyond. Their dedication to their craft and their passion for music is evident in every performance, making The Nervous Fellas a must-listen for any fan of rockabilly and blues.

By Mark Twang

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