Hey there! Have you heard of The Nervous Fellas with Mark Twang & Ronnie Hayward? Well, they had a live performance on CBC TV back in February 1989, and it was quite a treat! This rockabilly band, led by Mark Twang, presents a unique blend of original rockabilly music that will have you tapping your feet and singing along.

If you’re a fan of their sound, you’ll be thrilled to know that you can get a free download of their song “Wild Wild Baby” and five other tracks that were recorded in 1988 in Vancouver, Canada. These songs were released on East Side Records but are now out of print. However, “Wild Wild Baby” later made it onto a compilation CD called “Boppin In Canada” on Nervous Records. Mark Twang even took the time to remix it from the original source, ensuring that the quality is top-notch. So, if you’re into rockabilly music and want to enjoy some free tunes, this is definitely worth checking out!

The Nervous Fellas with Mark Twang & Ronnie Hayward Live CBC TV

In February 1989, you can catch the Nervous Fellas with Mark Twang, Ronnie Hayward, John Decan, and Shaun Butch Murphy on CBC TV. For more information about this Rockabilly Band, visit their website at thenervousfellas.com.

Discover the Nervous Fellas’ original Rockabilly music, including the song “Wild Wild Baby.” You can get your own free download of “Wild Wild Baby” and five other songs that were recorded in 1988 in Vancouver, Canada and released on East Side Records (out of print). Mark Twang presents these songs “From The Other Side Of Rock’n’Roll.” Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer!

“Wild Wild Baby” was also featured on the compilation CD “Boppin In Canada” on Nervous Records (out of print). Mark Twang made sure to remix the song, compensating for the compression when saved as an MP3.

In addition to “Wild Wild Baby,” you can also enjoy other original songs by the Nervous Fellas, including “When You Cry” (written by Ronnie Hayward), “Same Girl” (written by A. Black), and “Night Crawler” (written by S. Murphy). All these songs are copyrighted under SOCAN.

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During the release, the Nervous Fellas had Ronnie Hayward on Doghouse Bass (Rockabilly Hall of Frame), Mark Twang on Guitar, Al Black on Drums, and Shaun “Butch” Murphy on Vocals. It’s an incredible lineup!

If you’re into rockabilly music, make sure to check out the Nervous Fellas. For more information, visit their website at thenervousfellas.com and get your free songs here. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel here and follow Mark Twang on Twitter here.

The Nervous Fellas with Mark Twang & Ronnie Hayward Live CBC TV

If you’re a fan of rockabilly music, then you surely have heard of The Nervous Fellas. This iconic band, led by Mark Twang and Ronnie Hayward, took the music scene by storm in the late 1980s. One of their most memorable performances was their live show on CBC TV, which showcased their incredible talent and energy on stage. In this article, we will delve into the background of The Nervous Fellas, explore their original rockabilly music, and discuss the songs they recorded in 1988 in Vancouver, Canada. We will also touch upon their release on East Side Records, their inclusion in the compilation CD “Boppin In Canada,” as well as the remixing and MP3 compression process. So, sit back and prepare to learn more about The Nervous Fellas and their impact on the rockabilly genre.

Background Information

Before we dive into the music of The Nervous Fellas, let’s take a moment to understand the band’s historical context. Formed in Vancouver, Canada, The Nervous Fellas burst onto the rockabilly scene in the 1980s. The band was comprised of talented musicians, including Mark Twang on guitar, Ronnie Hayward on doghouse bass, Al Black on drums, and Shaun “Butch” Murphy on vocals. Each member brought their own unique style and skill to the band, creating a harmonious blend that quickly gained them a dedicated following. With their energetic live performances and authentic rockabilly sound, The Nervous Fellas became synonymous with the revival of the genre.

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The Nervous Fellas Rockabilly Band

At the heart of The Nervous Fellas’ success was their dedication to the rockabilly genre. Drawing inspiration from the pioneers of the 1950s, such as Elvis Presley and Carl Perkins, the band crafted their own brand of rockabilly music. Mark Twang’s intricate guitar playing and Ronnie Hayward’s infectious bass lines provided the signature sound that defined The Nervous Fellas. Together with Al Black’s driving drum beats and Shaun “Butch” Murphy’s powerful vocals, the band created a captivating and dynamic musical experience.

The Nervous Fellas with Mark Twang Ronnie Hayward Live CBC TV

Original Rockabilly Performed By The Nervous Fellas

What set The Nervous Fellas apart from other rockabilly bands was their ability to infuse their music with originality. While they paid homage to the classic rockabilly sound, they also added their own creative flair. The band’s original songs showcased their songwriting skills and allowed them to put their own stamp on the genre. Tracks like “When You Cry,” written by Ronnie Hayward, and “Same Girl,” written by Al Black, showcased the band’s ability to both honor the roots of rockabilly and push the boundaries of the genre.

Songs Recorded in 1988 in Vancouver, Canada

In 1988, The Nervous Fellas entered the studio in Vancouver, Canada, to record a selection of their original songs. This recording session captured the band’s raw energy and showcased their musical prowess. One of the standout tracks from this session was “Wild Wild Baby,” written by Weldon. This song perfectly encapsulates the spirit of rockabilly with its infectious rhythm and catchy hooks. The other songs recorded during this session, “When You Cry,” “Same Girl,” and “Night Crawler,” further cemented The Nervous Fellas’ reputation as formidable songwriters and performers.

Release on East Side Records

After recording their songs in 1988, The Nervous Fellas released their music on East Side Records. This label was known for its dedication to preserving and promoting rockabilly music, making it the perfect home for The Nervous Fellas’ unique sound. The release of their music on East Side Records introduced the band to a wider audience and further solidified their place in the rockabilly community. Fans eagerly awaited each new release from The Nervous Fellas, as they knew they were in for a treat of authentic rockabilly goodness.

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Compilation CD: Boppin In Canada

The Nervous Fellas’ contribution to rockabilly did not go unnoticed. The band’s track “Wild Wild Baby” was later included on the compilation CD “Boppin In Canada” released by Nervous Records. This compilation served as a testament to the band’s impact on the Canadian rockabilly scene and their ability to stand alongside other prominent rockabilly acts. “Boppin In Canada” became a cherished album among rockabilly enthusiasts and further exposed The Nervous Fellas to a wider audience.

Remixing and MP3 Compression

With the rise of digital music formats, The Nervous Fellas’ music underwent remixing and MP3 compression to adapt to the changing times. Mark Twang, always striving for the best sound quality, remixed the original recordings to compensate for the compression that occurred when saved as an MP3. This attention to detail ensured that the essence of the band’s original rockabilly sound was not lost in the digital format. The remixing process breathed new life into their recordings and made their music accessible to a new generation of rockabilly fans.


The Nervous Fellas, led by Mark Twang and Ronnie Hayward, made a lasting impact on the rockabilly genre. Their unique blend of classic rockabilly sounds and originality set them apart, making them beloved by fans and respected by their peers. With their memorable live performances and a catalog of original songs, The Nervous Fellas left an indelible mark on the Canadian rockabilly scene. Their release on East Side Records and inclusion in the compilation CD “Boppin In Canada” cemented their place in rockabilly history. So, if you’re in the mood for some authentic rockabilly music, give The Nervous Fellas a listen and prepare to be transported to the other side of rock’n’roll.

The Nervous Fellas Live Crazy Alone & Blue

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