The Nervous Fellas Blues Band With Al Black I’m A King Bee

The Canadian Rockabilly band The Nervous Fellas playing some blues on their first road trip in 1988 in one of the best blues cities in Canada: Hamilton “The Hammer”  in the province of Ontario.
I’m A King Bee is a Slim Harpo song on Excello Records. The Fellas version was inspired by Muddy Waters from the Johnny Winters produced Blue Sky Records he put out and played on in the 70’s. Thanks Johnny.



The Fabulous Al Black on Skins
Ronnie Hayward on Doghouse Bass
Shaun Butch Murphy on Vocals
Mark Twang on Geetar

Ronnie Hayward and Mark Twang had been in at least 4 other bands since 1984. Over that time, with their hard work and love of blues and rockabilly, they got down their own blues grooves together. Add the energy of Al Black laying down the beat and the great blues singing in his own style of Butch Murphy, doing songs like King Bee was a great pleasure and our little part to help carry on the tradition and keep the music alive as we did with the obscure rockabilly songs we covered.

The Nervous Fellas had recorded their first songs, mostly originals to sell on the road on the East Side Label 1988
“The Other Side of Rock n Roll”

Nervous Fellas Mark Twang Ronnie Hayward Butch Murphy Al Davie

This was the last tour Al Black would do with the Nervous Fellas. Shortly after we got back to Vancouver in the fall of 1988 Al quit the band to work full time and play with the Last Wild Sons part-time.

For me that was a disappointment of course as after about 8 months of hard work and lots of playing, writing and recording and with the road trip to Toronto and back, the band was really tight. Al became a good friend who still is to this day.

However such is band life and you have to always move forward, road life is not for everyone.

Special thanks to Doug “Cool Fool” Carter AKA Brother Twang for shooting the whole night for us.

Info on Cool Fool the book and blues in Hamilton and some great MP3’s to listen to with Doug Cool Fool Carter, King Biscuit Boy, Ronnie Copple go to


More info at thenervousfellas.com