Rockin Daddys Rockabilly Music Tear It Up

Rockin Daddys Rockabilly Music Tear It Up!

Rockin Daddys Vancouver, Canada Rockabilly Band Tribute to The Johnny Brunette Trio with a cover of their song “Tear It Up”.
This was one of the bands major influences and we played many of The Trio songs throughout the night.

“Rockabilly Boogie”, “Train Keep A Rollin” “Blues Stay Away From Me” “Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee Drinking Wine” “Rock Therapy” and others,

Mark Twang  Says ” I had a chance to meet the guitar player Paul Burlison when I was playing with The Nervous Fellas in the early 1990’s.

He came out to a gig we were playing In Vancouver’s Lower Mainland.

After the show we hung out with him and were able to get him to tell many stories of the early rockabilly days doing shows with Gene Vincent and Sun Records Artists such as Carl Perkins and others in the Memphis Area.

Johnny Burnette Trio’s Paul Burlison

I had read before somewhere when Burlison talked about the time he would hang out and listen to The Howlin’ Wolf band at that time Wolf lived in Memphis and was recording and practicing in Sun Studios.

Paul Burlison  said something along the line of this an interview at Vintageguitar  “That’s when I was playin’ with a guy named Shelby Follin in a country band over at KWM (radio) in West Memphis, Arkansas.

That’s where I met Chester Burnett – Howlin’ Wolf. He was playin’ on the same station, late in the afternoon. One day, Wolf came in and was standin’ outside the glass window, lookin’ in while we were doin’ our show. Shelby was singin’ this country song that kind of had a little bluesy feel to it, so I put a couple of blues licks on it.

Wolf nodded at me, gave me a thumbs-up sign.

So when I came out the studio that day he says, “You want to play the blues with me today?” He came on right after us, and I’d been listening to him all the way home every evening. I said, “Yeah, I’d love to!”

Just after we finished our last set and I was packing up Paul jumped up on the stage.

How COOL was that…

I got to ask him some guitar stuff and some other cool rockabilly sounds and he told me about his rig setup back in the day and other guitar geek stuff.
When I asked him if he ever used echo he said No only Scotty (Moore) had echo at that time.

Hey Kids………Rockabilly guitar is not always about tons of echo , Gretsch guitars and a million licks
just check out any Johnny Burnette Trio songs on youtube for the dry Fender Telecaster tone of Paul Burlsion
, it is just pure rockabilly guitar magic at its best!

Early Live footage of Rockin Daddys from The World Famous Marine Club
in Vancouver Canada.

This gig was from a Rockabilly night where the Rockin Daddys had the good fortune of playing a lot of gigs over many years before The Marine Club was shut down.

Rockin Daddys playing their brand of Rockabilly Music

Tear It Up the audio track on the video is from the Rockin Daddys CD

Rockin Daddys’ CD Fireball 006 (2000)

[Rockin Daddy/Love My Baby/Dead Flowers/Can’t Rock Me/Turn

Around/Tear It Up]

Rockin Daddys Rockabilly Music

Rockin Daddys at that time were:

Rich Hagensen on Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Mark Twang Gutiar and BU Vocals
Andrew Burden on Standup Bass
Sandy McSnare on Drums

Ken “RebelRouser” Wilson played Standup Bass after Andrew Burden left the band.

Rockin Daddys Rockabilly Music Tear It Up!