Nervous Fellas Canada With Pete Turland and Mark Twang Born To Be Wild

The Rockabilly Band the Nervous Fellas playing one night of 3 sold out shows at Vancouver Canada’s the Railway Club in July, 1990 doing their title track “Born To Be Wild” and a tribute to the Canadian Mars Bonfile, who wrote the tune for his band Steppenwolf for the classic movie “Easy RIder”

Featuring on Psychobilly Slap Bass the young Buzzsaw Pete Turland who had joined the Nervous Fellas a year before replacing Rockin Ronnie Hayward when Ronnie went to Texas to join the band the Tail Gators.
Pete Turland came from London, England with the help of Roy Williams of Nervous Records U.K. Mark Twang had stayed in contact through his connection with his Trouble Bound’s Muddy Waters on a Nervous Records compilation as well as a Nervous Fellas song  that Mark Twang wrote called Wild Wild Baby released on a CD Boppin in Canada.

Roy Williams gave Mark Pete Turland’s number in London and he contacted Pete and persuaded him coming to Canada would be a good thing. (He is still here over 20 years later so I guess it was) Thanks Roy!
I had an offer he could not refuse as we were lucky at that time to be signed and managed by Laurie Mercer at S.L. Feldman & Associates who bought and fronted us a return one year open ticket for Pete and organized all the papers to obtain a working visa for Canada.

Also, before Ronnie left and with the help of Steve Macklam (who came out from Toronto to help Sam Feldman break into the Toronto east coast music market), we got set up at COCA – the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities. There we got picked up by lots of colleges and universities across Canada, meaning a lot of good paying gigs not only at night but also daytime on campus which left open the night time to play at local clubs resulting in a lot of double gigs. That meant we could offer Pete Turland over 2 months of steady work across Canada and back right away not only to get the band very tight, but to actually make good cash

Pete Turland – Doghouse Slap Bass
Mark Twang – Geetar
John Decan – Skins
Crazy Tom Lavelle – Piano
Butch Murphy – Vocals

Pete was a great guy and fantastic rockabilly slap bass player adding his own element and sound to the Nervous Fellas. Without Pete making the move half way around the world the Fellas would have been dead as there was no rockabilly Slap players available at that time, believe me we looked.
Thanks Pete!

In the years later Pete Turland went on to play with tons of Canadian bands such as Harp Dog Brown, Ray Condo, Ronnie Hayward, Paul Pigat and Cousin Harley, The Twisters and more. As well he released his own CDs playing guitar and singing. Go Pete Go

The audio’s not great but it  captures the night as it was, live and raw!


More info at http://thenervousfellas.com

Edited by Mark Twang
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