Bad Bad Boy Nervous Fellas with Billy Rogers & Mark Twang

Vancouver, Canada’s Rockabilly Madmen playing an obscure rockabilly cover Bad Bad Boy at a live gig at the Cruel Elephant in Vancouver B.C. Canada.

Although the sound is not great the footage of Ronnie Hayward is, as Ronnie is in great form with an awesome slap bass solo and stage presence.

Billy “Rockabilly” Rogers was on drums by this time with the Nervous Fellas in 1991 and was one of the best rockabilly drummer I ever played with and, for that matter, one of the best drummers ever.

Billy Rogers was from Queens, New York and grew up playing snare in a marching band. While still living in New York, he played places like CBGB. He recorded and played in those years with The Ramones and Johnny Thunders (New York Dolls) in The Heartbreakers as well as in some rockabilly bands.
Years later Billy played on Dee Dee’s solo album.

After playing with The Tailgators in Texas, Ronnie Hayward moved to Toronto where he met Billy Rogers who was living there after marrying a Canadian woman. Billy and Ronnie came out together to Vancouver to join the Nervous Fellas in 1990 after the band’s current lineup with Pete Turland had disbanded.


Mark Twang and Butch Murphy by this time had been playing together with in the Nervous Fellas for about 5 long years.

Mark Twang (don’t Call me Johnson) on Geetar, Ronnie Hayward on Doghouse Bass, Butch Murphy on Vocals and the one and only Billy Rogers on Drums.

Billy Rogers was born in Feb 1957 and passed in Aug, 2001. This video (more songs and vid’s to come with Billy) is dedicated to his memory.

More info at thenervousfellas.com